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About Us

Welcome to Little Layne Co 

I am Bron The founder, creator and maker ,  a mum of two beautiful babies And wife to the most amazing Hubby.

I started Little Layne Co in July 2020 After I lost my job due to Covid-19 , I had been in The early childhood industry nearly 9 years . 

A Passion I loved to share and to teach to others . Children are our future sounds a little cliché but it is true . I loved to help guide and foster learning in little minds . I had always wanted to be a mum from a young age , so when I had to think about a way to help support my family I researched ideas on business and how I could make staying at home with my 1 year old possible . 

I brought my first laser after many many hours of research and lots of YouTube tutorials etc. I also love to create I had previously tried to start a small business in 2018 after our wedding as I really enjoyed the process. We had our son in early 2019 so I then focused on being a mum and then back in to my day job .

This time it was different as it was no longer needed as a side hustle but I needed it to be my main hustle. I am so proud that 12 months on my Little business is still growing and so has my family with our little Girl being born in July 2021 . Whilst being on Maternity leave I never stopped thinking about the business and what direction I was going in . So the research began again , this time going in to retail of baby / Children's toys , dinnerware's & accessories .I 'am so excited to share all our beautiful products I have worked closely with suppliers to get . Each items carefully thought out, Having a purpose to help your little ones gain skills though play and everyday activities. 

As an educator and a Mum I look at the functionality , Appropriate age , How cleaning friendly they are , What your child will gain from the toys and dinnerware etc, That I  have on our website . I will also continue to have laser cut and engraved designs on my website , we will have a range of milestone disks etc. .As always still providing a bespoke , custom order system . I love to design new products which have come from custom requests as they are one of a kind .  

I will always give anything a go , but being honest if I am unable to achieve an outcome, I will always make up a sample to share with you , involving you in the process of our custom orders. I will continue to be transparent with you all , sharing up to date information about new products , custom orders , postal updates and just everyday running's of Little Layne Co . 

I want to build a community not just a business and hope you will all come along for the ride . I also will be honest about my own life as a mum , wife and business owner. At the end of the day we are all only human and my family is my number one priority. I will be available though my social media and via email , if I don't reply straight away its because non of us work 24/7 and need to take time for ourselves and our family . I will strive to have a balance but at the same time communicating and getting orders out to you as quick as I can . I pride myself on attention to detail and making sure everything that goes out the door is the very best I can do .  

I look forward to connecting with you all and to be apart of the family . 

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